The Komondor



The roots of the Komondor go back to 1544 when it was mentioned for the first time as Hungarian shepherd dog.

For thousands of years dogs of this kind serv

ed the shepherds in the Hungarian, Turkish and Asien regions as reliable fr


ds and supporters.

Because of their proveribial courage, intelligence and unbelievable instinct these independent, quiet and confident dogs are able to protect herds and farms reliably.

Just because of their presence wolves and big cats were driven away.

The extreme climate on the Asien continent contributed to the developement of Komondor hair.

Because of its typical shaggy fur the Komondor can stand summer heat of about more than 30 degrees Celsius as well as rather cold and long winters with temperatures of more than 30 degrees Celsius below zero. At the same time it protects the dog effectively against injuries by bites of other animals.

The Komondor enjoys robust health an ca reach an age of 13 ore even more years.

According to our experience the Komondor is the right companion for couples without children or families with not so young children.


You have to provide a lovely home with a house and a garden and enough money to keep such an animal property and your mind must be strong enough for this King of the Shepherd dogs. Please keep one thing in mind: You are the strikt but loving boss of your dog. Please never beat your komondor because it will be never forget this.

The care of the Komondor´s fur is relly easy, because you must not bath, comb or brush these dogs.

The style of the Komondor´s fur is up to the owner: long rastas to the bottom ore shorter in Rasta like haircut.


Belive it or not: The dogs of this species do not cause more dirt in their owner´s flat than dogs of other species.






Wir züchten hervorragende Komondor und Puli  | Qualität hat für uns oberste Priorität.