The Puli


is the ancient shepherd sog of the Hungarian Nomad shepherds.

Its roots go back to the steppers of Asia.

It is a kind of dog that is very lively, quick, willing to learn and always prepared to do its job.

Thats why the shepherds have been always very proud of this dog´s work.

Even big and strong bulls obeyed these dogs, if not, the little Puli sank their teeth into the bulls´ mouth and forced them in this way to accept their will.

The Puli dogs crossed big herds by running about the backs of the animals that where standing very close to each other.


Also the Puli, like its big brother the Komondor, has shaggy fur that protect against heat and cold.


Because of its excellent treats of caracter the Puli is especially suitable for any kinds of sports – as companion dog, for popular sport, as rescue dog or for agility sport.

It is pleasure to work with Pulis because they are enthusiastic about active work, about learning and enjoy any kind of activity.


The Puli loves children and becomes a lively companion for your children.

The care of the Puli´fur is very easy – you most not bath, comb or brush it.

You can decide yourself if you like a bottom long rasta fur ore if you prefer a shorter Rasta like style.


Do not be afraid: Pulis do not cause more dirt in your home than other dogs.






Wir züchten hervorragende Komondor und Puli  | Qualität hat für uns oberste Priorität.